Church History

The late Reverend George B. Gary founded a mission in 1960, which consisted of ten believers in Jesus Christ. Along with his loyal wife Lucille Henderson Gary and supportive family members, Reverend Gary was able to realize his vision of starting a church that would spread the gospel to all nations of the world. That same year, All Nations Baptist Church was formally set aside and a place to worship was secured at 502 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest, Washington, DC.

Reverend George B. Gary was born in New Berry, South Carolina. He was baptized at an early age and became active in church work at Mount Olive Methodist Church in South Carolina. After years of service at this, his home church, Reverend Gary was led by the Holy Spirit to relocate to the Washington, DC area. Upon relocating, he joined St. Matthews Baptist Church and later Mount Calvary Baptist Church. After evidencing faithful service to these churches, and becoming credentialed with appropriate license and ordination certificates, the membership of Potomac Baptist Church in 1959 called Reverend Gary to serve as their pastor. Reverend Gary had a vision and one year later he founded All Nations Baptist Church.

In 1989, Reverend Gary's health began to fail. Nevertheless, with the assistance of his dedicated wife and church officers, he was able to continue his pastoral work a while longer. However, when he realized his failing health would not allow him to continue his work, Reverend Gary lovingly sought to find a man who could continue the work of the gospel. Before he moved from labor to eternal rest, Reverend Gary, along with the deacons, officers and members of the church were on one accord and agreed that the Reverend James Coleman, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, would faithfully lead All Nations and therefore invited him to serve as their pastor.

On January 6, 1991, Reverend James Coleman accepted the call and became the Pastor-elect. He was installed as Pastor of All Nations Baptist Church on May 18, 1991 by Reverend Dr. Tyrone P. Jones III, Pastor of Isle of Patmos Baptist Church

Since 1991, Reverend James Coleman has been faithfully and tirelessly at work at All Nations Baptist Church. The family character of the church has been inspired by the church*s motto, "We Are a Loving, Caring and Sharing Church."

Reverend Coleman has contributed greatly to the visionary and spiritual leadership of the All Nations Baptist Church and as a result of applying sound biblical principles, the church has benefited in several tangible ways. His visionary leadership has led to the acquisition of a larger church edifice and the requisite of equipment and supplies for continued growth of the church. His ministerial focus has emphasized spiritual gift development so that the broader community can be evangelized and served.

In January 1993, the church began a "Vision to Victory" Building Fund Ministry. The drive was supported by sacrificial giving, along with much fasting and prayer. With faith in God, the church prospered. To date, the church has implemented more than twenty active ministries to promote and encourage spiritual development. On December 3, 1994, the church family traveled by motorcade to the present site located at 2001 North Capitol Street Northeast, Washington, DC.

Since the acquisition of our new edifice, Pastor Coleman has emphasized an infrastructure-upgrading program, which includes air conditioning in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, security windows, iron gate, new lighting, church signage, landscaping, new boiler equipment and our much needed baptismal pool. Through the unction of the Holy Spirit and Pastor Coleman's leadership, All Nations has experienced an explosion of ministry growth. A ceremonial service was held to burn the church mortgage on May 20, 2001.

The church is in the process of active transformation and on September 11, 2004, initiated the Christian Education School of Knowledge: an academic structural bible study school offering a variety of Christian courses to meet contemporary needs.

The principle of Christian stewardship is emphasized in every ministry of the church and as a result the church is experiencing spiritual maturity, growth, and is vigorously involved in an evangelistic vision for an additional 400 members.

Dr. Coleman is a kind, loving and compassionate man of truth. We thank God for him and we believe that under God's direction and with Pastor Coleman as our Shepherd, the All Nations family will continue to strive to make our lives a living sacrifice inasmuch as Romans 12:2 admonishes us to do.

Rev. Dr. James Coleman